About us

AL-akhawain Company for the production of chips and trade in foodstuffs and Flavors and raw materials that go into laboratories and food industries and food trade machines.

Our company was established in 06/03/2005 and is headquartered in the Dohuk City in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and before the founding of the company we were working under the name of the AL-akhawain factory began work at a AL-akhawain in 1998, and we work in producing all kinds of plaster of corn and potatoes, After the founding of the company in 2005 under the name AL-akhawain we have developed our business and we have produced more types of chips, corn, and we have developed our specialty so we have to produce juices of all kinds and Flavors and production of soft drinks and we also maximize our specialty department where we have more trade in machines that are used in laboratories and factories for the production of food in all specialties and we also import raw materials that go into food production in plants such as corn flour and pallet ready for frying and potatoes, Flavors diversified to vaccinate chips.



And we are exclusive agents in Iraq to the Turkish companies in the import of maize of (SEMaLENA.S) and also Flavors Dutch (FROMATXCH) and vegetable oil within the cooking for restaurants and laboratories and was our production of vegetable oils on behalf of (NAXEEL) and also we have As already mentioned the import machinery involved in food production and we import and we are exclusive agents in this area and had our machines come from China, Germany, Syria, Iran and other countries were our prices competitive and fit well in Iraq, and was our production is distributed in most Iraq's cities of gypsum and corn and also we are dealing with plants which produce gypsum and juices in most cities of Iraq, and we are expanding our competence in a circle so far.

We are ready to support factories which produce gypsum and juices in Iraq in all the cities of Iraq and we are ready for any request in terms of processing machinery and raw materials in the production of any food.

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